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BlackBerry Device Detection Recipes

Hi, folks — A developer using MobileESP for a commercial project and I recently exchanged emails about BlackBerry device detection. Generally speaking, the BlackBerry OS has lagged other smartphone OSes with regards to browser capabilities. This situation has made it

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SkyTech Geeks: MobileESP Included in HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile List

This is pretty cool! We recently ran into this listing of great HTML5 frameworks useful for mobile app development — and noticed that MobileESP made the cut! http://skytechgeek.com/2011/11/html5-frameworks-and-useful-apps-for-mobile-web-development/ The projects all look great — a few of which were new

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Minify Your MobileESP!

Hi, folks — As you may recall, the MobileESP code is written first and foremost so that it’s easy for you to read and customize. Although feedback from people in the field report that the code executes quickly and efficiently

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Updated: Better Support for Tablets & WP7 Movement

Hi, folks! This is just a quick note to let you know that I updated the MobileESP code to provide better support for tablets. I also made an update regarding Windows Phone 7 whose Internet Explorer 7-based browser isn’t great.

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Best Practices in Mobile Web Site Access

Designing mobile-optimized web sites is hard enough. Imagine spending all of that time and money building a fantastic mobile-optimized web site — only to discover that no one actually visits the site because they can’t find it. Experienced mobile web

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Developer Guide Series: How should I divide up the world of mobiles?

Here areĀ  a few quick recommendations for dividing up the mobile world online. You can use the FREE open source MobileESP mobile device detection code to help you optimize your web experiences. OVERVIEW In general, I recommend having two versions

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