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Updated: Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Bold Touch, Kindle Fire

Hi, folks — I made a few updates to the code today. Here is a summary of the changes, which are also listed at the top of each file. PHP Only: Created a constructor method per new features in PHP

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Updated: Fixed issues related to Opera Mini on Android

Hi, folks — Here we go again on the Opera mobile browser ride…  🙂 So last week, we fixed the inaccurate detection results for the very good Opera Mobile browser on Android. This week, it’s the Opera Mini browser’s turn!

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Updated: Fixed issues related to Opera Mobile on Android

Hi, folks — The Opera Mobile browser for Android is great. Unfortunately, the Opera dev team doesn’t follow Google’s guidelines for constructing useragent strings properly. As a result, the Opera Mobile browser on Android phones was falsely reporting itself as

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Download the Live API Demo Pages!

Hi, folks — Numerous people have written me asking if they could download the Live API Demo pages we’ve posted over at Hand Interactive. They wanted to be able to see the API calls in context within real HTML code.

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Updated: Added Support for WebOS Tablet Detection

Hi, folks — I updated the code libraries to include support for detecting the new WebOS tablet called the HP TouchPad. The new method is called DetectWebOSTablet(). This method has been added to: PHP, JavaScript, Java, and both ASP.NET bases.

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Updated DetectTierIphone() for all Libraries

Hi, folks — Dan R.’s keen eye spotted an issue with the BlackBerry Style 9670. It was erroneously reported as an iPhone Tier device, when it’s not. (It’s non-touch but does run the new BlackBerry WebKit browser.) Dan suggested a

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Updated: PHP, JavaScript, Java & ASP.NET

Hi, folks — Summer is here! And the mobile device avalanche is just about ready to begin in earnest… There were a few outstanding things that needed to be taken care of, especially some refactoring among the Android detection methods.

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Updated: Better Support for Tablets & WP7 Movement

Hi, folks! This is just a quick note to let you know that I updated the MobileESP code to provide better support for tablets. I also made an update regarding Windows Phone 7 whose Internet Explorer 7-based browser isn’t great.

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MobileESP Live Demos Now Available: PHP & JavaScript

We took advantage of this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend to put together two comprehensive demos of the MobileESP APIs. Now you can see not only all of the available function calls listed and grouped in one handy list, but you

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Updated: Added Support for Google TV

Now that GoogleTV devices have been publicly released, it’s time to update the MobileESP code bases with support for it. We’ve added a new method for detecting Google TV in the Android section: DetectGoogleTV() This method is now available for

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MobileESP: Ported to Ruby!

One of the web developers using MobileESP has ported the code library to Ruby. How cool is that?!? If you’re a Ruby enthusiast, you can download the latest version of MobileESP from GitHub at: Martin has made a few

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MobileESP APIs Published!

Just a quick note that I published the complete list of device detection methods for easier perusal. One page is focused on the server-side programming languages for PHP, Java and ASP.NET. The other page lists the methods for the JavaScript

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