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Yearly Archives: 2010

MobileESP Live Demos Now Available: PHP & JavaScript

We took advantage of this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend to put together two comprehensive demos of the MobileESP APIs. Now you can see not only all of the available function calls listed and grouped in one handy list, but you

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Updated: Added Support for Google TV

Now that GoogleTV devices have been publicly released, it’s time to update the MobileESP code bases with support for it. We’ve added a new method for detecting Google TV in the Android section: DetectGoogleTV() This method is now available for

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MobileESP: Ported to Ruby!

One of the web developers using MobileESP has ported the code library to Ruby. How cool is that?!? If you’re a Ruby enthusiast, you can download the latest version of MobileESP from GitHub at: https://github.com/eimermusic/mobileesp Martin has made a few

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Updated: Disambiguate between ‘PDA’ and ‘Update’

This afternoon, we got an alert from Ilia with a suggested fix. Ilia pointed out that the algorithm which detects for a device using “PDA” in its user agent string will also be triggered when it encounters the word “update”

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Test your device!

We published a device detection page on the Hand Interactive web site. It doesn’t test all of the API methods at this time, just some of them. A web page to provide results forĀ all of the API methods is coming

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Updated: Added Support for BlackBerry OS 6

BlackBerry launched the new Torch on August 3, the first device running the new OS 6 with a brand new WebKit-based browser. At last! A first class browser finally makes it to the BlackBerry platform! Word on the street is

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Updated: Added Support for Windows Phone 7

I recently got my hands on the Windows Phone 7 SDK from Microsoft. The browser in the device emulator appears to support most or all of the CSS and JavaScript features you would expect for an iPhone Tier device. (The

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How To: PHP – Enable Features for Specific Devices

Here’s another quick example on how to use MobileESP project code to optimize your web site. Let’s say that you have a single web page optimized for all iPhone Tier devices. This tier of devices includes iPhone, iPod Touch, Android,

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How To: PHP Redirects

We get a lot of questions about using the MobileESP project code in practice. Here’s one example on how to redirect browser traffic to optimized content. In this scenario, we put a PHP file in the root of a web

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MobileESP APIs Published!

Just a quick note that I published the complete list of device detection methods for easier perusal. One page is focused on the server-side programming languages for PHP, Java and ASP.NET. The other page lists the methods for the JavaScript

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Updated: Better iPad Handling, Improved Windows Mobile Detection

I just uploaded the code bases for the following issues: In the DetectIphone() method, added a call so that the Apple iPad does not provide a false positive. (We also do this so that iPod Touches don’t report themselves as

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Best Practices in Mobile Web Site Access

Designing mobile-optimized web sites is hard enough. Imagine spending all of that time and money building a fantastic mobile-optimized web site — only to discover that no one actually visits the site because they can’t find it. Experienced mobile web

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