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Yearly Archives: 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! This is just a quick note to let you know that we’re working on some updates to start the year off right! Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS 10, Tizen — and more. Plus we’re updating the

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BlackBerry Device Detection Recipes

Hi, folks — A developer using MobileESP for a commercial project and I recently exchanged emails about BlackBerry device detection. Generally speaking, the BlackBerry OS has lagged other smartphone OSes with regards to browser capabilities. This situation has made it

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SkyTech Geeks: MobileESP Included in HTML5 Frameworks for Mobile List

This is pretty cool! We recently ran into this listing of great HTML5 frameworks useful for mobile app development — and noticed that MobileESP made the cut! http://skytechgeek.com/2011/11/html5-frameworks-and-useful-apps-for-mobile-web-development/ The projects all look great — a few of which were new

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MobileESP as a WordPress Plugin

James Mehorter has kindly supported MobileESP in the past and helped identify a couple of holes in the MobileESP detection code (usually around random BlackBerry devices). (And yes, we’ve added some of them to our official new useragent test list.) Well,

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MobileESP JavaScript: OOP Beta 1 Released!

Hi, folks — As MobileESP has added new methods and variables, I’ve been more & more concerned with the potential for API collisions with other JavaScripts that may be present on the page. So I decided to work on converting

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MobileESP: First Draft of Test UserAgent Strings Released!

Hi, folks — One of the people in the MobileESP community is a software QA tester (I think). Dave M. very kindly took it upon himself to start putting together a long list of useragent strings that we could use

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HP/Palm Has Released the Enyo Web UI Framework

Hi, folks — In case you haven’t heard already, HP/Palm has released the UI framework they used to build the WebOS UI as a free open source JavaScript/CSS framework. That’s right: the WebOS was built using Web technologies — not

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MobileESP: ASP.NET Updates

Hi, folks — The 2 flavors of the ASP.NET code library were updated with two issues specific to that code base. The updates are now live on Google Code. The starting quote was missing for the vndRIM variable’s value. Removed the

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MobileESP: Updated for Kindle

Hi, folks — Thanks to some questions from Dave M., we realized that MobileESP had inconsistent support for detecting the Amazon Kindle e-Ink devices as mobile devices, plus, they were also reporting “true” as Rich CSS Tier devices (which they

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MobileESP: Updated for BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380

Hi, folks — A quick update to the code libraries today. ALL LIBRARIES: PHP, JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET (both), Python Added support for the BlackBerry Curve Touch 9380. It’s a new monoblock all-touchscreen device from BlackBerry and is a little smaller

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MobileESP: Ported to Python!

Hi, folks — The community has delivered another great port of MobileESP! Jury Gerasimov sent me an email last week with the good news. Jury’s company in Irkutsk, Russia, (that’s one of the largest cities in Siberia!) has been developing a

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MobileESP: Ported to Classic ASP (VBscript)!

Hi, folks — I’ve been remiss in sharing this good news… A few weeks ago, I received an email from Miguel Barrero that he has ported MobileESP to Classic ASP — which means classic VBscript. So for you folks who

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