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Monthly Archives: January 2012

MobileESP: Ported to Classic ASP (VBscript)!

Hi, folks — I’ve been remiss in sharing this good news… A few weeks ago, I received an email from Miguel Barrero that he has ported MobileESP to Classic ASP — which means classic VBscript. So for you folks who

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Updated: Performance Enhancements for ASP.NET

Hi, folks — Doug D. contributed some performance enhancements updates for the two ASP.NET variations of MobileESP. Here is a summary of changes: Variables: Converted the private member strings to constants for faster object creation. Removed unused property: deviceXoom. Wrote

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MobileESP in Action: The OpenCart Mobile Framework

Hi, folks — We recently received an email from Rumen Dmitrov who told us how he’s using MobileESP in his commercial project… “I use MobileESP as an essential part of my new project called OpenCart Mobile Framework¬†http://bit.ly/rxJ8Ot. MobileESP cares for

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Updated: Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Bold Touch, Kindle Fire

Hi, folks — I made a few updates to the code today. Here is a summary of the changes, which are also listed at the top of each file. PHP Only: Created a constructor method per new features in PHP

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Known Issue: Firefox on Android Phones

James M. sent us a note just before Christmas about a support issue affecting the Firefox browser on Android phones. Here is a quick overview of the issue. Issue Summary: When using the Firefox browser on an Android mobile phone,

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s 2012 and MobileESP is a little over three years old! Let’s pause a moment and reflect upon where we’ve come… Project founder Anthony Hand started MobileESP in late 2008 to help solve a very real

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