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Yearly Archives: 2015

MobileESP Now Supports Packagist!

Thanks to Demian K., who uses MobileESP on some Villanova University-affiliated sites, MobileESP on Github now supports Packagist! https://packagist.org/ Note the addition of the new “composer.json” file at the top level. This file provides all of the meta-data necessary for

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MobileESP: Updated & Live on GitHub!

Good news! The core MobileESP libraries have been updated with some long-overdue enhancements: PHP, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++ and Python. There are a few more useragent strings added to the testing spreadsheet, as well. Updates are now live on GitHub: https://github.com/ahand/mobileesp

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Working on an update…

Boy, where did the time go?!? An across the board update for the MobileESP libraries is long overdue. And I’m working on it! I’m almost done with a significant update, adding support for new mobile OSes Firefox OS, Sailfish, Ubuntu

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MobileESP: Now hosted at GitHub!

As you may have heard, Google is in the process of shutting down the Google Code site, which is where MobileESP had been hosted. So, due to popular demand by the user base, the new home for MobileESP is… GitHub!

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