Updated: Better Support for Tablets & WP7 Movement

Hi, folks!

This is just a quick note to let you know that I updated the MobileESP code to provide better support for tablets.

I also made an update regarding Windows Phone 7 whose Internet Explorer 7-based browser isn’t great. It’s definitely not in the same league as iPhone & Android despite initial optimism. Hopefully, when the IE 9-based update is pushed to devices in late 2011, it will live up to expectations at last.

Here’s a quick list of updates for this rev:

  • PHP and Java only: Added a stored variable ‘isTierTablet‘.
  • All: Added a new DetectTierTablet() function. This will detect all of the larger screen (minimum 8 inches) devices with HTML 5 support. These larger tablets ought to be able to share the same special web site design, if you decide to do something special for them.
  • All: Added a new DetectBlackBerryTablet() function. This will detect the BlackBerry Playbook.
  • All: Added a new DetectAndroidTablet() function. These should be at least 8″ and run Honeycomb or later to be considered. Right now, the only useragent we could find was for the Motorola Xoom. As other tablets launch (especially the Samsung and LG tablets), we’ll keep this one updated.
  • All: The DetectAndroid() function was modified to exclude Android tablets. You want to show a Motorola Xoom the same version of your site as you would an iPad (either specially formatted or your regular site). You may NOT want to show a Xoom a that small screen, iPhone/Nexus One-optimized page.
    • It’s our current position that 7″ tablets like the original Galaxy Tab should probably be given a web page that has been optimized for the iPhone/Nexus One, if available, rather than an iPad page. This opinion is due to screen size. In portrait mode, it simply isn’t very wide.
  • All: Moved Windows Phone 7 from iPhone Tier to Rich CSS Tier. Sorry, Microsoft, but IE 7 simply isn’t good enough.

It seems that I often forget a colon, a }, or some other silly error when I do these updates. So please be sure to let me know if you find any errors!

We’ll continue to monitor the tablet scene for the next crop of great Honeycomb-based tablets, plus the launch of the HP WebOS-based ones. As soon as we can get our hands on some useragent strings, we’ll update the code as necessary.

Special thanks to Justin M., Peter V., & Marc L.! Thanks for your help & support, guys!


FYI: This page has been translated into Serbo-Croation: http://science.webhostinggeeks.com/mobilni-dizajn

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  1. Martin Westin says:

    Ruby port also updated now.

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