Updated DetectTierIphone() for all Libraries

Hi, folks —

Dan R.’s keen eye spotted an issue with the BlackBerry Style 9670. It was erroneously reported as an iPhone Tier device, when it’s not. (It’s non-touch but does run the new BlackBerry WebKit browser.) Dan suggested a great fix to the DetectTierIphone() which I’ve just uploaded for all four code libraries: PHP, JavaScript, Java and ASP.NET.

In summary, the solution was to ensure in the DetectTierIphone() method that we check for both a BlackBerry WebKit browser and that it’s on a BlackBerry Touch device.

I also made a quick fix to the JavaScript library only for the DetectBlackBerryLow() method. The other libraries were already correctly filtering out BlackBerry WebKit browsers here, but I must’ve forgotten to put that check in the JavaScript library, as well. Sorry about that!

As always, please help me check for errors & bugs. I can do a light test of the PHP and JavaScript code libraries, but I don’t have access to servers to check the APS.NET or Java code libraries. Please let me know if you find something. Much obliged!

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