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Download the Live API Demo Pages!

Hi, folks —

Numerous people have written me asking if they could download the Live API Demo pages we’ve posted over at Hand Interactive. They wanted to be able to see the API calls in context within real HTML code.

Well, I had some free time today so I whipped up a suitable export of the web pages for general consumption. (In other words, I fixed all the relative links, removed the Google usage tracking codes, removed the server-side includes, etc., etc.)

Download the MobileESP Live API Demo Pages for PHP & JavaScript.


There are a few important caveats to using the downloadable Live API Demo Pages…

  • Please keep in mind that it’s not the cleanest of HTML code since it was originally created for my internal use only.
  • The web page is based on a free web design template I downloaded from DCarter Design. Please visit the DCarter Design site for more information on re-using their design template resources, including the style sheets, image resources, etc.
  • Due to the effort involved in updating the regular Live API Demo pages and then porting those updates to the cleaned up, downloadable file set, I can’t guarantee that the downloaded Live API Demo pages will be 100% up to date with the latest API changes. But that’s okay. It’ll still be good enough for you to review the techniques we used and figure out how to apply them to your own needs.


We’ve also prepared a couple of extremely basic samples which you can download to study and learn more about how easy it is to integrate MobileESP into your web site. This blog post explains a little more about the downloadable samples.


Owner of the MobileESP project. For the latest source code downloads, visit: https://github.com/ahand/mobileesp

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One comment on “Download the Live API Demo Pages!
  1. Tony Ward says:

    I am trying to use the php version of mobileesp within the extensions of mediawiki.
    The mobileesp file is saved as extensions/SmartPhoneDetect/SmartPhoneDetect.php.
    I am using the following:

    $uagent_obj = new uagent_info();
    $isIPhoneIpod = $uagent_obj->DetectIphoneOrIpod();
    if ($isIphoneIpod == 0) $wgDefaultSkin = “monobook”; # If not Mobile
    if ($isIphoneIpod == 1) $wgDefaultSkin = “simple”; # If is Mobile

    I am not sure if the mobileesp is actually compatible, also my knowledge at the moment is not that great. Any assistance or if you could point me in the right direction.

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