Updated: Fixed issues related to Opera Mini on Android

Hi, folks —

Here we go again on the Opera mobile browser ride…  🙂

So last week, we fixed the inaccurate detection results for the very good Opera Mobile browser on Android. This week, it’s the Opera Mini browser’s turn!

Today, I made two sets of updates to the MobileESP code libraries for PHP, Java, ASP.NET and JavaScript:

  1. All libraries: Updated the DetectAndroidTablet() method to prevent the Opera Mini browser from erroneously reporting as true. This fix was a significant re-write of the method’s code, so please let me know if I screwed something up. I only tested it in PHP and JavaScript and it appears to work fine….
  2. ASP.NET & JavaScript Only: Updated the techniques for initializing the user agent and httpaccept variables to handle null or uninitialized strings. Sometimes spiders and similar robots don’t initialize those values. I couldn’t test these updates here, so please let me know how these work in production! (PHP and Java already had solutions for this issue.)

So what is the Opera Mini browser? The Opera Mini browser started its mobile life as a way to bring (near) desktop functionality to feature phones. Now in the Android world, the Mini browser lives on as a highly data-efficient browsing alternative. Basically, all of the hard lifting for rendering a page is done on Opera’s servers, and they just send the phone a highly compressed file. It’s a great web page pre-processing solution.

But… Note that the Opera Mini browser is not processed on the client (phone/tablet) side — it’s pre-processed on the server. For this reason, the browser does not qualify as iPhone Tier. For now, we’re leaving it in the generic mobile device tier.

Thanks to Nolan K. for bringing the Opera Mini issue to my attention. And special thanks to John H. for providing the efficient ASP.NET code fix for the user agent and httpaccept variables.

As always, please help me check for errors & bugs. I can do a light test of the PHP and JavaScript code libraries, but I don’t have access to servers to check the ASP.NET or Java code libraries. Please let me know if you find something. Much obliged!

Owner of the MobileESP project. For the latest source code downloads, visit: https://github.com/ahand/mobileesp

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