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As you may recall, the MobileESP code is written first and foremost so that it’s easy for you to read and customize. Although feedback from people in the field report that the code executes quickly and efficiently on production servers, there’s something you can do to help speed up processing a little more: minify it!

The process of minifying code removes white spaces at the very least, such as spaces, tabs, and line breaks. Depending on other options you choose, it may also remove comments and shorten the method and variable names (also called “obfuscation” because it also makes the code harder to read). So depending on the level of minification selected, you can enjoy significant size reductions!

Brooke D. kindly wrote in to share her favorite PHP minification tool online created by the web hosting company, CustomHost. Brooke reports that she’s been enjoying about a 50% reduction in file size to just 16 kb with no problems in performance. Check it out:

 Do you have a favorite online JavaScript minifier tool? Please let us know!


FYI: This page has been translated into Serbo-Croation:

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  1. BandonRandon says:

    I have just discovered Google’s Closure Compiler which will allow you to minify JavaScript from Command Line or using a UI though app spot.

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