Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s 2012 and MobileESP is a little over three years old! Let’s pause a moment and reflect upon where we’ve come…

Project founder Anthony Hand started MobileESP in late 2008 to help solve a very real need — a lightweight, easy to use/customize/install code library for web publishers that offered a unique rollup of mobile detection by OS, device category, and “tier.” Initially, the code was shared on Anthony’s freelance mobile UI design web site, Hand Interactive. Two years ago, following up on the growing usage & code ports (to Java and ASP.NET) by the community, Anthony formally launched the MobileESP web site.

Since then, the code library has grown significantly, with many updates, refinements, additional code ports (e.g., Ruby), the addition of tablet support, API lists, new documentation and samples, and more. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way. MobileESP wouldn’t be where it is today without your support!

Who knows what the future may hold? Assuming the Mayans got it wrong and the world won’t end this year, we expect to see MobileESP integrated into a greater range of projects and web sites across the interwebs. If you have created a cool project of your own that incorporates MobileESP, please let Anthony know so we can put a post about it on the blog!

Warm regards for a healthy, prosperous, and fun New Year!

Owner of the MobileESP project. For the latest source code downloads, visit: https://github.com/ahand/mobileesp

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