Updated: Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Bold Touch, Kindle Fire

Hi, folks —

I made a few updates to the code today. Here is a summary of the changes, which are also listed at the top of each file.

PHP Only:

    • Created a constructor method per new features in PHP 5.0: __construct(). (Thanks, Lee C.!!)

All Code Libraries: PHP, JavaScript, Java, ASP.NET

    • Added a new variable for 2 versions of the new BlackBerry Bold Touch (9900 and 9930): deviceBBBoldTouch.
    • DetectTierIphone(): Moved Windows Phone 7 to the iPhone Tier. WP7.5’s IE 9-based browser is good enough now.
    • DetectBlackBerryTouch(): Updated to support the 2 versions of the new BlackBerry Bold Touch (9900 and 9930). (Thanks, Robert P.!!)
    • DetectKindle(): Updated to focus on eInk devices only. The Kindle Fire should be detected as a regular Android device.

As a side note, I also learned how to “checkout” and “commit” the code updates in SVN to Google Code. Now, file updates are truly updated versions of the same file in the Google Code system rather than an entirely new file with no history. I know, it’s a silly thing that I should have learned ages ago, and my apologies for not having done so sooner. So all of today’s updates are posted as Update r205. (Let’s just say that a switch to Mac and the Versions client were the main reasons…) 🙂





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