MobileESP – Updated at last! WP8, BB10, Tizen & More

Hi, folks!

I apologize for the terrible delay in updating the MobileESP code base. I’m afraid it was a case of “life happens”: I started a new day job in December and then took up cycling in January and trained intensely for 5 months to participate in the AIDS/LifeCycle charity bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June. The ALC was an amazing experience, but it also demanded a huge amount of my time. To the several MobileESP donors to my ALC ride, I say thank you again! In addition to all of that, my Mac laptop died and it took awhile to recover the data. (It turns out they’re deathly allergic to Diet Coke. Who knew?)

Hopefully, it will at least be worth the wait!

Here is a highlight of the updates noted in the Change Log:

  • Added new detection support for these OSes: Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, Bada, and Meego.
  • Added detection support for the Playstation Vita which appears to have an iPhone-class browser. It’s a nice handheld gaming device, so I created a new device category for DetectHandheldGamingDevice().
  • Tweaked the DetectTierIphone() method: Added Tizen, WP8, BB10 and PS Vita support.
  • Added detection support for the Obigo mobile browser to DetectMobileQuick().

For the JavaScript codebase, switched the code to use the Object Oriented style integration method. This technique will help prevent namespace collisions on variables and methods. I haven’t updated the OOP JavaScript sample yet, but until then, studying that sample is a great way to get started. For more information on the new MobileESP OOP JavaScript approach, please review the earlier blog piece:

I’ve been updating the MobileESP user test strings in parallel with this code update. I’ll add a separate blog post with the updated strings shortly.


The PHP and JavaScript demo pages are up now, so please check them out:


There are three promising mobile platforms launching soon, the Firefox Mobile OS, Ubuntu Mobile OS, and Sailfish OS. (Interesting fact: Sailfish builds on the foundation of Meego.) We’re keeping an eye out for them and hope to update the MobileESP codebase with detection support for these devices soon. So if you have more info about their native browsers’ capabilities as well as their useragent strings, please let me know!


The updated code files are Google Code now. Please keep an eye out for little bugs and let me know if you find any! I seem to have a nasty habit of forgetting a parens here or a $ there.

And again to everyone, my apologies for this code update delay.

Enjoy the summer!

– Anthony

Owner of the MobileESP project. For the latest source code downloads, visit:

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