Updated: Added Support for Windows Phone 7

I recently got my hands on the Windows Phone 7 SDK from Microsoft. The browser in the device emulator appears to support most or all of the CSS and JavaScript features you would expect for an iPhone Tier device. (The iPhone Tier devices include the iPhone, naturally, but also the native browsers for Android, WebOS and a few others.)

So now seemed like a good time for a preliminary update of the MobileESP code to support Windows Phone 7!

Here is a list of code updates to support Windows Phone 7 device detection. The code bases for each of the platforms have been updated using the same API signatures.

  • deviceWinPhone7: New field for storing a useragent string unique to Windows Phone 7.
  • DetectWindowsPhone7(): New method for detecting a Windows Phone 7 device.
  • DetectWindowsMobile(): Modified to disambiguate Windows Phone 7 devices from Windows Mobile 6.xx and earlier devices. This method excludes Windows Phone 7 due to the significant gap in capabilities between the 6.xx and 7 versions.
  • DetectSmartphone(): Updated to include Windows Phone 7.
  • DetectTierIphone(): Updated to include Windows Phone 7.

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