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Download MobileESP


The MobileESP project is easy to use, install, and customize. For the latest source code, please visit the GitHub site which hosts the main code repository:

The MobileESP project on GitHub has the source code for the following programming languages:

  • PHP
  • Java (server side)
  • ASP.NET (C#)
  • Python: Jury Gerasimov ported MobileESP to Python for the Django web app framework. We’ll maintain Python in the Google Code project site.
  • C++: Kiran Thonse originally ported MobileESP to C++ and maintains it.
  • JavaScript: Recommended for light detection tasks only. For better results, use one of the server-side detection options above.

These projects are maintained by the community:

  • Ruby: This project was ported by Martin, who separately maintains the Ruby codebase on GitHub.
  • Classic ASP (VBscript): This project was ported by Miguel Barrero, who separately maintains the codebase on BitBucket.

Important Caveat: The MobileESP project code is lightweight and ideal for many web sites. However, this project is not meant to replace other projects offering greater depth and control, such as WURFL or HandsetDetection.com.


We’ve prepared a few useful downloads which allow you to study how to apply the MobileESP code in action in real web pages. Please see the Live API Demos & Samples page for more information and the download links!


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